How Boomr’s Employee Time Management App Helps Boost Productivity & Profits

Every employer wants to have productive employees, since that’s the backbone of their company’s growth. But the challenge here is that you do need proper employee time tracking software which helps automate tasks and manage your workforce a lot easier. That’s why you need to use some of the best time management apps out there. And Boomr is here to assist.

Boomr is one of the best time tracking software solutions for employee time management. If you use it adequately, Boomr has the potential to help increase the productivity of your employees, all while helping you boost your company’s profits.

How can Boomr help boost employee productivity?

At its core, Boomr is an employee time management app. It allows you to track your employees work hours and it’s perfect for managing employee time and tasks too. You get to see the amount of time worked by every employee, no matter where they are located. In addition, you can do project tracking where you can assess the contribution every employee had to that specific project. Moreover, you can use Boomr for tracking shifts and any overtime work performed by your employees.

In addition, Boomr comes with some other amazing features such as text, email and in-app reminders that let employees know when they should take a break, clock in & clock out or to check in for a meeting. All these little things can be time-consuming, and they do end up eating a lot of time if you don’t tackle them correctly. This is why it makes a lot of sense to use a tool such a Boomr to handle all of that.

It integrates with some of the best HR, accounting, and payroll platforms

Boomr also has immediate and seamless integrations with other popular HR, accounting and payroll platforms. Not only will your primary employees will have an easier time working and managing their time on a project, but your HR and accounting team will have a comprehensive tool where they can track work hours as well. This makes Boomr a stellar employee time management solution that’s reliable, efficient and super easy to use. And yes, this can easily be adjusted for any business no matter the industry.

Maybe the best part about Boomr is that it has great features and it’s super intuitive. That means you don’t need to have a tech background or anything like that to use it. You just have to assess your needs and then start using the time management app within minutes of signing up. Everything from the interface to the overall functionality is greatly designed, and it helps you save both time and effort in with little to ramp up time.

We recommend you to give Boomr a shot if you want to use one of the best time management apps out there. Their employee time management apps for iPhone & android users are extremely efficient, and it helps you track work hours and also perform employee time management very quickly. There’s no need for time-consuming tutorials either, everything is easy to use and adaptable to your own business requirements. As long as you give it a shot, you will be quite impressed with the overall productivity boost and time saved.

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